About File Delivery

File Delivery:
If you do not provide a server yourself, we will send you a link where you can upload your files, 2Gb at each transfer.
For larger projects, simply make multiple transfers ensuring you categorise each folder clearly.

File Format:
We need consolidated files that all have the same startpoint and begin on a clear downbeat. The sample rate should be 44.1 or 48 kHz with a bit depth of 24 bit.

Name the files in categories, for example, drum filenames start with ”dr”, synths with an”s”, guitars with a ”g”, strings with ”str” and so forth.
For example:
dr kick, dr snr top, dr snr bot, dr hihat …. s sweepsynth, s pad, s bassynth etc.
Place the files in folders by categories, this makes it easier to have a structure when importing and handling the files.

Look carefully over the files, clean clicks and sounds that should not be there.

Write a text document with tempo and time signature details.

We also need a rough mix and if you have a specific sound in mind, please send references
(320 kbit/s mp3´s will do).

Good luck, hope to work with you soon!